Houthis commit over 6,000 violations against Hodeida truce

Houthis commit over 6,000 violations against Hodeida truce

Alsahwa Net- A Yemeni military leader Wadhah al-Dubaish has revealed that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels committed 6274 violations against the Hodeida truce.

Al-Dubaish said that 92 civilians and 212 soldiers were killed, and 869 civilians and other 1266 soldiers were injured since the Sweden Agreement was reached in December 2018.

Meanwhile, UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths has revealed that the figure of killed Yemeni civilians has declined, stressing the importance of implementing the Sweden Agreement.

Speaking to the United Nations Security Council on Monday, he said that Hodeida situation is fragile and complex, calling for lowering tensions in Hodeida.

He expressed sorrow over the lack of progression on the prisoners and detainees exchange file, urging both conflict sides to give this file an priority.

He further noted that a progress was made in the Hodeida agreement and that it was not sufficient.

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