Gunmen assassinate four soldiers in Taiz

Gunmen assassinate four soldiers in Taiz

 Unidentified gunmen on Friday killed four soldiers of Yemen's national army in the city of Taiz.

Local sources told Alsahwah Net that the gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead two soldiers Mohammed Dahmash and Hamdi Fuad in al-Dhaboua'ah neighborhood.

Meanwhile, gunmen on Thursday night shot dead a soldier, Mohammed al-Turki, in Deluxe Street, took his rifle and escaped.

Another soldier, Arif Naji, was also assassinated by unidentified gunmen on Thursday night when he was at a checkpoint in the city of Taiz. 

Meanwhile, the city of Taiz have been being tightly besieged by militias of the Houthis and Saleh for about two years. 

Hundreds of civilians were killed and wounded by the Houthis who also cut off food, medicines water and other essential food commodities. 

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