About 50 Houthis killed on Saudi borders

About 50 Houthis killed on Saudi borders

 About 50 Houthis were killed in a preemptive process carried out by Saudi forces on the Yemeni-Saudi borders, Saudi media sources said. 

The report affirmed that the Saudi artillery backed by Apache helicopters which targeted gatherings of militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. 

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh have been receiving painful blows on the Saudi borders for two years as they try to infiltrate to the Saudi soil.  

The Saudi authorities declared last week that a Saudi soldier, Mohammed al-Naja'e, was killed in a shootout with the Houthis on the Yemen-Saudi border.

Spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry spelt out that a border area was heavily targeted with artilleries and shells on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Saudi forces on Friday managed to thwart an attempt of the Houthis and forces of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh to cross Saudi-Yemeni borders.  

According to the Saudi al-Watan newspaper, a number vehicles loaded with ammunitions, Katyussa rockets and fighters were targeted.

Air-fighters of the Arab Coalition managed to destroy a number of sites and hideouts which were used by the Houthis, killing, in the meantime, 26 fighters of the militias.  

The Saudi newspaper affirmed that the Saudi forces could identify a number of positions which were used by the Houthis to store weapons, pointing out that they were targeted and destroyed by Saudi air fighters. 

Saudi forces have recently carried out clearing operations during the past few days on Yemen-Saudi borders, killing a number of the militias and destroying military vehicles and ammunitions.

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