Yemen's army advances in al-Jawaf

Yemen's army advances in al-Jawaf

Yemen's army on Saturday scored gains in the district of Khab and al-Shaf of al-Jawaf governorate. 

Local sources said that the army liberated the positions of al-Marah al-Sawda and al-Marah al-Baydaa, pointing out that it ruined military vehicles and supplies. 

Meanwhile, air fighters of the Arab Coalitions launched strikes on the militias in al-Motoon district, and managed to burn military vehicles of the Houthis. 

The Yemeni army backed by the popular resistance continues its advance towards the last strongholds of the Houthis and Saleh in al-Jawaf governorate. More than 80 percent of al-Jawaf's area was liberated. 

Saadah governor calls for documenting crimes of Houthi militias and registering their leaders. 

He also called people of Saadah to register their private custodies, corruption and looting of public money and lands. 

Meanwhile, the Yemeni army engaged in different fronts of fight in Saada, scoring significant gains. 

Meanwhile, the commander of Saadah Military Region Obaid al-Athalah affirmed that scores of the Houthis including senior leaders were killed, pointing out that the army managed to took over strategic positions.

Al-Athalah affirmed that Yemeni army units liberated large areas in al-Bukua district from the Houthis, capturing a great deal of military equipment and munitions.

He reiterated that the army is determining to advance and liberate all Yemeni lands controlled by the Houthi putschists.

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