Why does int'l community systematically overlook Houthi terrorism?

Why does int'l community systematically overlook Houthi terrorism?

By Yaseen Khaled


This is the question that everybody should reflect on. The Houthis are a religious (theocratic) militia that absolutely do not believe in democracy and power sharing and, under the principle of Taqiyya, deny holding those beliefs! They practice terrorism against oppositionists and usually hide their cruelty from the media. They torture to death peaceful oppositionists. They kill, mutilate and parade dead bodies. They disguise landmines as child toys and booby trap dead bodies of fighters. They assassinate journalists by putting poison in their food. They frankly announce their will to control the world and impose their version of Islam.

Most recently, this week in the northern Yemen province of Amran, these (Shia) Jihdists killed and mutilated Mujahed Qushayrah, an allied tribal figure who broke ranks with fellow operatives in the organization. A video clip went viral (on Youtube) of them dragging his dead body in the street calling him Munafek (false Muslim) as they smacked his body with rifle butts. Previously they killed and paraded their main ally, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and paraded his bodies.

Earlier on, they chopped off the limbs and genitals of captive Yemeni soldiers alive. They have been besieging Yemen's third largest city, Taiz, for years and their snipers gunning children and everyone else that walks in front of their eyes. They are the only warring party in Yemen that plants landmines and have so far planted nearly half a million in cities and villages across the country.

Over the past years, scores of their prisoners have been released dead or insane suffering incapacitating physical injuries.

The US Congress strongly seeks to end the Coalition's military campaign, the only thing that protects Yemeni civilians from the Houthi terrorism now.

The western media blame the war the militia triggered in 2014 on the government and blame the war crimes on the Arab Coalition backing the government.

The UN calls on and pressures the Yemeni government to sit for dialogue with them! Why the international community persistently avert gaze from Houthi terrorism and pressure Yemenis to keep dialoguing with these bloodthirsty maximalists is a question that no one has got the answer for.  


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