Why is the western media silent today?

Why is the western media silent today?

By Yaseen Khaled


The western media do not miss out on the news of Yemen, ground breaking developments or sensational little incidents of human rights abuses.

Many times stories are in fact made up to show the Houthis in a good light and the government in a bad one.

I woke up this morning and searched for "Yemen" in google news expecting to see a long list of headlines on the Houthi mutilation and parade of the corps of Mujahid Qushayra in northern Yemen's Amran yesterday. No western media wrote about it.

As usual, the American and European online news sites totally ignore the news that touch the Houthis.

The story and video link on many Arabic websites show members of the extremist Shia religious organization dragging the corps of Qushayra, a comrade they had killed in an infighting in Amran, and uttering the words Hadha al-Munafek (this false Muslim.)

More of interest to me is the systematic ignorance policy that the CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Reuters, the Guardian, the Independent and most other prominent western media outlets follow when it comes to the Houthi abuses of human rights in Yemen.

Why did the Houthis not bother to let this graphic video clip go public and the western media did not want to report it is surprising.

One might say they missed the story.

But hang on. What if this videotaped act was the work of pro-government fighters?

I am a follower of the media's pattern of coverage and I bet it would have been received its worth of coverage and would linger in these hypocrite newspapers, websites and TV channels for months and months.

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