Commanders of Saleh captured by Yemen's army

Commanders of Saleh captured by Yemen's army

The Yemeni army managed to capture a number of commanders loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the east of the capital Sana'a during the past 24 hours.

Military sources told Alsahwah Net that Col. Mohammed al-Shatawi, Commander of the Brigade 315, was among the captured.

The sources said that al-Shatawi was captured when soldiers of Yemen's army raided a position in Nihim

Meanwhile, about 120 corpses of the Houthis were delivered to their families during the past few days after they were killed in the district of Nihim, in the east of Sana'a, according to Hood Organization.

Chairman of Hood Organization Mohammed Naji Alaw said that the organization registered the names of 122 Houthi fighters who were killed during the past 15 days, pointing out that some corpses of fighters were not received to their families and that they were buried at other areas.

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