Government: No moving forward prior to mutual withdrawal

Government: No moving forward prior to mutual withdrawal

Alsahwa Net-The government of Yemen renewed on Tuesday its demand for mutual forces withdrawal from Hodeida sea ports and city before moving into any next step.

“The key for comprehensive and sustainable solution is to implement what has been agreed on in Sweden. The first phase of the agreement that was reached with the Redeployment Coordination Committee must be implemented to move forward,” said Deputy Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadrami.

“There is no space for holding new talks without full implementation of the Stockholm agreement on Hodeida,” said Al-Hadrami.

This was pronounced by Al-Hadrami during his meeting with the Deputy Chief of the US Mission to Yemen, Junaid Jay Munir.

The Stockholm agreement which was signed by the government and the Houthis rebels last December has not been implemented yet amidst escalation and daily breaching of the ceasefire throughout Hodeida.

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