Child disappears following visitation to his detained father

Child disappears following visitation to his detained father

Alsahwa Net-A child was forcibly disappeared by the Houthis militants following a visitation to his detained father in Houthis-run prison in Ibb, central Yemen.

Local sources who spoke to Al-Sahwa net confirmed that Houthis gunmen have arbitrary disappeared child Samam Al-Tariqi, from Rada’a of Al-Baida governorate following short visit to his confined father at the Central Prison.

The child’s father said that following the visit, that Houthis militants took the child out and banned him to return home until his elder brother comes to the prison.

He added that Houthis-affiliated guard of the prison informed him that the child would remain at the security guard room until his elder brother comes.

Yet, the father was shocked when another gunman of the prison guard told the detained father that the child is not there anymore and does not know where he is.

Abduction and forcibly disappearance of children have been on rise in the Houthis-held areas amidst compulsory child military recruitment by the rebels.

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