Yemen: Rival terror groups cooperate, not fight

Yemen: Rival terror groups cooperate, not fight

By Yaseen Khaled


Unlike in Iraq and Syria, rival terror groups in Yemen seem to cooperate, rather than fight with each other. In Iraq and Syria the Sunni al-Qaeda and Shia Hezbollah fought each other. Al-Qada and fellow Sunni ISIL fought several times too.

In Yemen, the ultra Sunni al-Qaeda and ultra Shia Houthis cooperate.

On Thursday the two groups struck Yemen's temporary capital in a simultaneous terror attack. The former used a car bomb and the latter used a ballistic missile.

They both celebrated the attacks. Houthis have boasted that they have collaborators in the tempotray capital city who helped facilitate the attack.

To the north of Aden, Taiz, Houthis have been besieging the government-held city from the north, east and west for four years. Al-Qaeda affiliated Abu al-Abbas are besigeing the city from the south.

Al-Qaeda prisoners in Sana'a jails from the time of Saleh are being set free by Houthis to go and do their missionary work freely. Al-Qaeda are helping facilitate the smuggling of arms to Houthis.


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