Hajoor, even women were killed by the Houthis

Hajoor, even women were killed by the Houthis

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militants committed horrific crimes against civilians of Hjoor tribe in Hajja, north Yemen when opposing members of the tribe resisted a military attack early this year, the Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms (YNRF), a local NGO said this week in a report.

The Sunni tribe opposes Shiite ideology of the Houthis and never recognize their coup against the legitimate government. However, the area came under fire by the Houthis in January of this year. The tribesmen attempted to defend their land against the Houthis-advanced equipped forces, but lack of military support made the tribesmen to lose the war.

Yet, the Houthis fighters showed no mercy to every local of the tribe. Following their takeover of the area, they killed 128 civilians, among them 14 women and 17 children, according to the YNRF.

Mohammed Al-Omda, chief of the YNRF said that his team reported around 11,400 abuses taken by the Houthis against tribal areas of Hajoor.

Reported abuses took place between 1st January to 20th April 2019, according to Al-Omda.

“Our organization documented crimes against humanity and war crimes carried out by the Houthis-affiliated forces amid UN silence and lack of action by the UN agencies and the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Yemen,” said Al-Omda.

Documented human rights abuses included premediated murder, physical assault, illegal detention, forcible disappearance and forcible displacement, according to the YNRF report.

The report said that citizens’ houses and private properties were also damaged, mosques were set on detonation and women were vulnerable to sexual harassment and mistreatment.

Women and children of Hajoor paid also a great cost to the conflict. 49 children and 37 women were injured. 561 men were also wounded.

Citizens’ vehicles, furniture, motorbikes and business shops were systematically looted by the Houthis-affiliated militants, the report said.

Around 2,867 households of 244,000 people were forcibly displaced to public schools in nearby districts, the report said.

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