Northern workers pay price to Aden terror attacks

Northern workers pay price to Aden terror attacks

Alsahwa Net- Northern workers in Aden have been vulnerable to illegal detention and illegal deportation following Thursday’s attacks against police station and military camp.

The Houthis declared their responsibility to the missile attack that targeted a military camp and the Islamic States-affiliated militants (ISIS) took credit of the suicide-bomb car that raided the police station. The two attacks resulted into death of dozens of policemen and soldiers.

However, groups of local security forces affiliated to Southern Transitional Council (STC) that demands separation of the south from the north, went mad against northern workers and service businesses owners.

Videos circulated on social media show inhumane treatment exercised by local security men against northern citizens following Thursday’s attacks.

Local sources confirmed that Aden incoming and outgoing buses were banned entry and exit, and passengers were ordered to return home. Some restaurants and fruit vegetables that belong to northern owners were set on fire and owners were forcibly deported to their hometowns.

The state-run Saba News Agency reported on Saturday that the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and his Interior Ministry had issued instructions to local security forces to stop detention and mistreatment against northern citizens.

The statement explicitly said that such acts against northern workers in Aden benefit only the Houthis who carried out the attack against the troops in Aden.

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