Suspect of military officer murder arrested in Hadhramaut

Suspect of military officer murder arrested in Hadhramaut

Alsahwa Net- The security forces in Hadhramaut, east Yemen, managed to catch on Friday a man suspected of murdering a military officer in Sayoun, the local news website quoted a statement released by the 2nd Military Command.

On the same day, the police found body of Abdulwasa’ Al-Aidaroos, a military officer of the 2nd Military Command in the same city, following days of the victim’s disappearance.

The local authority of Hadhramaut has condemned Al-Aidaroos’s death and indicated that he was one of the military’s heroes who participated in the liberation of Muklla from “terror militants” in April 2016.

For his part, the governor of Hadhramaut, Faraj Al-Bahseni, has criticized the officer’s murder and vowed to continue war on terror.

He added that such incidents will not halt efforts for maintaining security.

“we will pursue terror militants and bring them to justice,” said Al-Bahseni.

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