Islah: Saudi statement agrees with government’s conditions for dialogue

Islah: Saudi statement agrees with government’s conditions for dialogue

Alsahwa Net- Chief of the Islah’s Party media department, Ali Al-Jaradi said on Friday that the Saudi statement on separation rebellion in Aden agrees with the government’s conditions for dialogue with the rebels.

Saudi Arabia issued a statement on Thursday and reaffirmed its support for the legitimate government and threatened strict actions against attempts to destabilize Yemen.

“Saudi Arabia as a leader of the Arab coalition, has frankly condemned the rebellion in Aden and demanded withdrawal of the [separation] rebels from government’s military camps,” Al-Jaradi wrote on his Twitter account.

“These are conditions to any dialogue and it [Saudi statement] essentially agrees with the government’s declared conditions which are supported also by the pro-government parties,” Al-Jaradi said.

He indicated that Saudi Arabia has implicitly criticized allegations of terrorism against President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, his government and the government’s forces.

For its part, the Yemeni government has also welcomed the Saudi statement on Yemen and reaffirmed its rejection of the rebellion in Aden. It also demanded that the separation militants must hand over state offices and military bases to the government.



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