RCC meets again on UN ship, Houthis bomb government forces again

RCC meets again on UN ship, Houthis bomb government forces again

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) hosted on Saturday on its vessel  in the Red Sea, off Hodeida city, a new joint meeting with representatives of both the government and the Houthi rebels.

This coincided with new military escalation by the Houthis against the pro-government joint forces in Hodeida.

The Houthis shelled randomly at military sites of the government forces in Al-Tuhaita district, south Hodeida.

The random shelling caused injuries among civilians in the targeted areas, local sources said.

General Hani Nakhla, Acting Chief of the UN Mission to Support the Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA) chaired the joint meeting with the Redeployment Coordination Committee which is composed of representative from the Houthis and the government.

The meeting was set to discuss mechanisms for strengthening the UN-sponsored ceasefire and redeployment of truce monitors at fighting frontlines.

A local source in Hodeida said that the Houthis mount their military escalation and bombing against civilian areas in Hodeida every time the UN hosts meeting for ceasefire implementation.

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