Houthi militants execute teacher before his children

Houthi militants execute teacher before his children

Alsahwa Net- The Houthi militants executed on Saturday a teacher in front of his family at one of their security checkpoints on Al-Baida road, in central Yemen.

Local sources said that the Houthi militants at Awin security checkpoint in Al-Sawma’a district of Al-Baida shot a teacher dead before his six female children.

The teacher is originally from Taiz governorate and he works for a public school in Al-Baida.

This case is one of thousands of murder and abduction crimes against civilians which are committed by the Houthis militants scattered on hundreds of informal security checkpoints on Al-Baida-Sana’a road that connects northern parts of Yemen to the southern and eastern parts of the country. 

The Houthi rebels often intercept and inspect travelers on the road looking for any one who might be working for the government or having family links to people working for the government. Abducted victims are vulnerable to torture and forcibly disappearance before being swapped with the government for release of one their war prisoners held by the government forces, a United Nations report confirmed last February.

The report indicated that the Houthis arbitrarily abduct citizens on roads or from their homes to be exchanged for their militants imprisoned by the government.

 In Al-Baida also a woman was killed on the same day in Nata’ district following Houthis bombing of the area with Katyusha missiles.

The same UN report said that the Houthis shelling by using short-range missiles always cause civilian loss in targeted residential areas.

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