UN Food aids expire in Ibb

UN Food aids expire in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- Around 62,000 expired Tuna cans were destroyed at store of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ibb governorate.

This happens amid continuous failure by aid organizations to access millions of vulnerable people because of interventions in the relief work by the Houthis officials.

The Houthi officials restrict movements and work of the aid organizations by requiring relief agencies to distribute aids to only lists approved by their de facto authority in the northern parts of Yemen.

This is not the first incident. 16 tons of UN food aids were also destroyed late last July in Raima, northwest Yemen following disputes between the UN world Food Program and the Houthis officials.

The government blames the Houthis rebels for hindering UN agencies from delivering food aids to the needy people. 



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