Yemen slams UN report on human rights abuses

Yemen slams UN report on human rights abuses

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused on Tuesday the United Nation (UN) Panel of Experts of politicizing human rights issues for providing excuses to foreign powers to intervene in the country’s interior affairs.

This was voiced by the Foreign Ministry’s Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Mansour Bajash.  

Bajash has also accused unnamed western governments of lobbying to extend mandate of the UN Panel of Experts. The current mandate of the panel has already expired on 28 March 2019.

The new UN report which received criticism from Yemeni legitimate government and the Saudi-led coalition is reported to include a list of 160 individuals and entities that might be charged of war crimes.

It also accuses the United States of America, Britain, France and Iran of involvement in horrific human rights abuses committed by parties to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Bajash said that the government of Yemen remains at its previous position that the UN Panel of Experts politicizes the human rights issues.

He added that foreign governments were supposed to support the Yemen’s national human right probing commission instead of weakening it or attempting to ignore the government’s work towards human rights protection.

The UN Panel of Experts on Yemen was established to assist the UN Security Council to gather information on individuals and entities who engage in acts that threaten Yemen’s peace, security and stability.

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