Houthis-landmines maims 92,000 Yemenis

Houthis-landmines maims 92,000 Yemenis

Alsahwa Net- The number of handicapped people is on rise due to contact with landmines that were randomly planted by the Houthi rebels throughout the country, a local non-governmental organization said.

Nuzha Makhlooq, a female human rights defender confirmed in a talk she delivered to the Human Rights Council session on Monday that 92,000 people in Yemen were injured by the Houthis’ made-landmines.

She explained that three million handicapped people in Yemen are among the 82 percent of the country’s population who are in urgent need to humanitarian assistance.

She added that large number of the handicapped people or disabled people has died due to lack of care access.

The five-year war has devastated the country’s infrastructure and halted public services, according to Makhlooq.

Those who survived death are in great suffering, she added.

Moreover, more than 300 non-governmental organizations that used to provide special care to the handicapped people were shut down to shortage of financial resources.

She concluded that it is unclear what the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner can do to ensure protection of disabled people’s rights amid rebels’ control of the state’s services in the country.



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