Gunmen assassinate high-ranking officer in Marib

Gunmen assassinate high-ranking officer in Marib

 Unidentified gunmen on Thursday assassinated the chief of Ibb Traffic Police Col. Abdul-Wahab Sha'alan while he was in a barbershop in the town of Marib. 

Local sources affirmed that three persons in  security uniforms fired five shots on Sha'alan and escaped, pointing out that local residents saw the gunmen on a vehicle and thought that they were pursing criminals.  

Sha'alan had left Ibb with the aim of joining the Yemeni army in Marib, but he was assassinated, media sources told Alshwah Net. 

Security services in Marib could arrest a number of cells which had connections to the Houthis and ousted President Ali Saleh and which were operating to destabilize the governorate of Marib which is run by the legitimate government. 

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