Released detainees from Houthis-prions in poor health

Released detainees from Houthis-prions in poor health

Alsahwa Net- Majority of the newly released detainees from the Houthis-run prisons are in extremely poor health conditions, undersecretary of the Human Rights Ministry, Majed Fadhayel, said on Tuesday.

Fadhayel said that Houthis released nearly 350 detainees, but virtually everyone is suffering paralysis or psychological disorder due to being subjected to various forms of severe torture.

“The move by the Houthis to release these detainees is an attempt to clean their ugly record,” said Fadhayel as quoted by the Saudi Okaz Daily Newspaper.

Yet, he said that the government welcomes any initiative towards release of all abductees in line to the Stockholm agreement that requires release of all war prisoners.

He explained that four pro-government leaders: former defense minister, General Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, general Faysal Rajab, Nasser Mansour Hadi and Mohammed Qahtan must be released in line to the UN resolution on Yemen No. 2216.

He indicated that the Houthis militants decline to provide any information regarding whereabouts of the four leaders who have been in captivity since 2015.

The Houthis militants have also banned contact between Qahtan and his family.

He added that the government arranges for receiving the released detainees to document their health conditions and the orture they had been vulnerable to while in detention.

He said that such “crimes are imprescriptible”.

He explained that the government has previously prepared a list of all detainees in the Houthis-run prisons in an attempt to pressurize for their release to unite them with their families.

He indicated that the government released recently 54 Houthis fighters in Marib and paid each one of them YR60,000 ($100) as allowances because the government is obliged to take care of every Yemeni including the Houthis themselves.

Those newly released detainees though they are civilians, they were swapped for Houthis war prisoners which is deemed a crime in line to the International Humanitarian Law, according to Fadhayel.

He added that these detainees were supposed to be freed last December according to the Stockholm agreement that approved lists of exchanged detainees set to be released.

However, the Houthis refused full release of all detainees to keep using civilian detainees for swapping with their imprisoned militants, Fadhayel said.

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