In brief

In brief

* For the second day in a row, Houthis released o Wednesday  a new detainee by the name Abdulrahman Omar

He's also paralyzed after one year of torture in the extremist theocrats' jail in Sana'a.


* A fine artist by the name Muhammad died on Monday hours after he had been  released from STC jail for 3 months in Aden, Sahafa website learned today.


* Dep. human Rights Minister majed Fadhayel said on Wednesday that most of the 350 prisoners announced freed by Houthis days ago are in very I'll health conditions as a result of constant torture in the militia’s jails. Some of them are totally paralyzed.


Other govt officials criticized the ICRC for rushing to acclaim the move while many of the civilians held in jails on criminal charges saying only the govt releases POWs citing recent release of 150 Houthi child soldiers and giving them 60 thousand Yemeni Riyals each to encourage their feeling of reintegrating back to society.

*Houthis dismiss 211 public employees from the Education Ministry office in Sanaa because of their political affiliations.

* Houthis plant a new field of landmines in Hays district, south of Hodeidah, Yemen Press quoted military sources as saying.

* Houthi militants stormed a house in Dhamar and shot dead a young man by the name of Thabet Maoodha in front of his parents and siblings on Thursday, local sources told Alsahwa website.




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