Weapon arm depot of al-Qaeda captured in Hadhramout

Weapon arm depot of al-Qaeda captured in Hadhramout

 Security forces in Hadhramout governorate has managed to capture a weapon arm depot of al-Qaeda in al-Shahar town, in the east of Hadhramout. 

A military source told Alsahwah Net that security sources raided the depot after they received intelligence information about the depot.  

The source affirmed that a great deal of arms including ammunition, explosives and landmines were seized from the depot.

Yemeni forces backed by the Arab Coalition forces launched a military campaign against al-Qaeda in the oil-rich province of Hadharmout, almost a year after the group cashed in on nationwide chaos and gained control of the coastal region.

The forces clashed with al-Qaeda in many areas outside the port city of Mukalla before the group decided to pull out with the military closing in.


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