USA arrests Yemeni student for Houthis-connection

USA arrests Yemeni student for Houthis-connection

Alsahwa Net- The United States of America (USA) arrested a Yemeni student for links to the Houthis terror militants.

The federal investigators accused former student of Drexel University, Ja’far Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Wazir, 24 years old, of belonging to a rebellion anti-America group that brought Yemen into a destructive civil war.

The prosecutors said that Al-Wazir arrived the USA with a student’s pass five years ago. But it was learnt later that the student belongs to the Houthis rebels.

The Drexel university officials reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that Al-Wazir posted in May 2016 a photo of himself on his Facebook page in a military uniform carrying an AK-47 gun and the Houthis-anti America motto.

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