Yemen cabinet directs to form strategy for fighting terrorism

Yemen cabinet directs to form strategy for fighting terrorism

 Yemen cabinet on Sunday directed to form a Supreme National Committee for forming a strategy to fight terrorism and radicalism. 

The cabinet urged the committee to cooperate with concerned ministries to analyze manifestation of terrorism, and how to put an end to it. 

The Yemeni government which held its meeting in the port city of Aden stressed that it will go on fighting terrorism and restore the state from militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh. 

Meanwhile, the Endowment and Guidance Minister Dr. Ahmed Ateyah has called for exerting more efforts to fight terrorism inside and outside Yemen.  

In an interview with Rushad Satellite Channel, he said that moderate Islamic movements should be given chances to take part in the fight against terrorism, calling to differentiate between different movement.  

He indicated that restriction against the political Islam has contributed in the growth and expansion of terrorist groups.  

"Though some political Islamic movements took part in political process an democracy, they are excluded by those who claim that they fight terrorism" he added. 

"The continuation of restriction will be in favor of terror and violence groups".

He said that Iran has a project which aims to harm Arab countries, warning against the politicizing of school curricula on the basis of sectarianism.

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