Military commander: Iranian-made weapons captured in Mocha

Military commander: Iranian-made weapons captured in Mocha

Commander of the Fourth Military Region Fadhal Hassan has revealed that Iranian-made weapons were captured in the town of Mocha after it was raided by the Yemeni army.

Hassan said that the included medium weapons, ammunitions and others were seized, pointing out that the military managed to remove all landmines from the town of Mocha. 

Meanwhile, military sources affirmed that the Arab Coalition sent military reinforcement to Mocha, pointing out that all western coasts will  be liberated. 

He emphasized that the government forces could resume a lot of public facilities and streets in Mocha and around it. 

About 90 Houthis rebels and 19 Yemeni soldiers were killed in confrontations in the town of  Mocha and surrounding areas located in the eastern coastal during the past 24 days, medics told AFP.  

The medical sources said that al-Olofi Hospital in al-Hudeidah received more than 90 corpses of the Houthis and a number of wounded fighters. 

Military sources said that the coastal line linking between al-Hudeidah and Mocha was violently hit by the Arab Coalition's air-fighters. 

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