Islah supports presidential decree of moving Parliament to Aden

Islah supports presidential decree of moving Parliament to Aden

The Islah party has declared its support to the presidential decree of moving the Yemeni parliament to the temporary city of Aden.  

In a statement, the Islah party cited that the decree is in Yemen's interest, calling the legitimate government to activate all military, security, judicial and economic institutions, and get rid of all obstacles which prevent turning Aden into the temporary capital of Yemen.   

The statement also urged the members of Parliament to do best in accordance with the GCC-brokered initiative and outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference on the basis of partnership and compromise.    

As for the US strikes on the area of Yakla in al-Bayda governorate, the statement said that the Islah party decries   terrorism and all its means. 

The statement further said that any intervention which ignores the legitimate government is a violation against the Yemeni sovereignty, local and international laws and moral values. 

It affirmed that terrorism must be fought by the Yemeni government, and that the Yemeni judiciary is the only authority authorized to deal with cases of terrorism. 

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