Saudi-led coalition permits only one flight per week in Mukalla

Saudi-led coalition permits only one flight per week in Mukalla

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi-led coalition permitted for only one commercial flight per week in Mukalla Airport despite an announcement by Yemen’s Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) in mid-November that the airport is ready for commercial flights.

The Yemen Airways (Yemenia), the Yemeni national carrier said on Thursday that the company will operate one flight per week.

The first flight to come will be on 15 December, according to the company.

A source of the company’s office in Mukalla said that the Yemenia’s flight will be open each Sunday from Cairo of Egypt to Mukalla and Mukalla-Cairo.

Two weeks ago, the Yemenia flight landed in Mukalla Airport following a five-year shutdown.

However, the airport saw no flight by any other company.

This created discontent among the citizens of Hadharamout who are excited to see airport of their city go operational.

The airport was closed in 2015 following seizure of Mukalla city by the Al-Qaeda militants.

Its shutdown continued following liberation of the city by the pro-government forces in 2016.

The closure of the airport caused a great suffering to the residents of Mukalla particularly patients who seek medication abroad.

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