Health authority inspects incoming passengers at Sayaun Airport for Coronavirus

Health authority inspects incoming passengers at Sayaun Airport for Coronavirus

 Alsahwa Net- A medical team of Sayaun Public Hospital began on Monday precautionary inspection to incoming passengers at Sayaun Airport to check for Coronavirus symptoms.

General director of Sayaun Airport, Ali Bakathir, said that all incoming passengers on the Monday’s flight of the Yemen Airways were proved having no symptoms of the infection.

He indicated that the medical team inspected all the 189 passengers including the aircraft's crew.

The airport management and the Sayaun Hospital have set up all inspection requirements including the inspection room to smoothly run the medical tests without keeping passengers for long time.

 The medical team has started also educating passengers and citizens on the Coronavirus symptoms and prevention.

The spread of Coronavirus in January in Wuhan city of China has made many countries around the world to tighten health inspection and quarantine at airports and sea ports to prevent transmission of the infection.

The government of Yemen said this week that it began discussion on possibility of evacuating the 170 Yemeni students from Wuhan, the epicenter where inhabitants have been placed under quarantine.

The Chinese Embassy to Yemen said that no Yemeni case has been infected yet amidst appeal by the Yemeni students in China to their home government to evacuate them as they have been unable to go out for buying foods because of the quarantine imposed by the local authority.


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