Houthis kidnap 50 civilians in al-Hudeidah

Houthis kidnap 50 civilians in al-Hudeidah

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh in the governorate al-Hudeidah on Tuesday abducted 50 civilians, local sources told Alsahwah Net. 

They affirmed that the militias stormed into scores of houses on charges of opposing the Houthis. 

The sources cited that these abductions came after a meeting held by Houthi leaders in al-Hudeidah. 

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh are witnessing a state of horror as the Yemeni army scored significant gains in the western coasts which are bordering the city of al-Hudeidah. 

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition on Sunday destroyed a 150-meter trench in the north of Midi, killing 24 rebels who were existed inside the trench.

Local sources of Hajjah governorate affirmed that scores of Houthi corpses were sent from Haradh and Midi to the town of Hajjah.  

The Yemeni army on Saturday killed scores of Houthis and captured about 30 others in Midi district of Hajjah governorate, a senior Yemeni officer, Rashad al-Hemyari told Okaz newspaper. 

Al-Hemyari revealed that a plan was approved by the Yemeni army to liberate al-Hudeidah, pointing out that there cooperation among other military units that fight Houthis in Mocha and Haradh.

The Yemeni army declared that the coastal road linking between Mocha and al-Hudeidah is a military region, calling civilians to avoid any gathering of the Houthi militias.

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