24 civilians killed during January in Taiz

24 civilians killed during January in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- A new human rights report has documented death of 24 civilians and injuring of 25 others during the past January across districts of Taiz governorate.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center, a local human NGO based in Taiz which prepared the report said that its field workforce has documented death of 24 civilians among them two children and one woman.

The Houthis militia has been involved in death of eleven civilians by bombing residential areas of Taiz using missiles and heavy weapons, according to the report.

Non-state militants have also killed ten civilians among them one child, the report said.

It added that other anonymous gunmen have caused death to three civilians.

About 26 civilians among them seven children and two women were injured and majority of these victims were caused by the Houthis-random bombing against residential areas.

The report documented two cases of abduction and arbitrary disappearance.

The government affiliated forces committed one abduction case and the other was committed by non-state militants, the report said.

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