UN, western media took side of Houthis during Yemen's war

UN, western media took side of Houthis during Yemen's war


By Sara Hassan

The UN and the western media outlets seem have always taken the side of Houthis from the beginning of the armed conflict between the Yemeni government and Houthis, running for about six years.

The UN's bias

Firstly, the UN's successive humanitarian coordinators in Yemen often cry for "civilian casualties" only when the terrorist Shia theocratic militia cry.

The militia has claimed that the Arab Coalition killed thirty-one civilians near the wreckage of a Saudi warplane in northern Yemen's province at midnight on Saturday. The office of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, as usual, took the Houthi word for it and quickly condemned the strike without verifying the truth of it and examining why and how curious civilians would gather around the wreckage of a warplane in the middle of a desert, a warzone, at midnight

Secondly, assuming the UN has evidence of civilian casualties, which it hasn't , the development of military capabilities by a militia of diehard theocratic Jihadists to such a surprising level that they are now able to down the global standard modern warplanes should be far more worrying than the loss of 30 civilian lives now.

Thirdly, the world body is absolutely silent when Houthis massacre civilians and children on a semi-daily basis in Taiz, a city they have been besieging since March 2015, in Marib and in other cities across the country. For the past weeks the Shia militia have shelled scores of rockets into neighborhoods in the heart of Taiz killing entire families of mothers, fathers and babies by crushing the roofs of the houses on them. There was comment from the UN.

Fourthly, the UN has failed for years to move its offices in the past years from the militia-controlled Sana'a to the government-held Aden

Fifthly, the UN offices conduct job interviews for vacancies they have only in Sana'a, which denies all Houthi oppositionists in government-held areas the opportunity of applying for the jobs in the Houthi-held capital. This situation and the Houthi earnest influences led to staffing the UN offices in Sana'a with pro-Houthi workers and contributed to the impartiality of the UN in Yemen.

This has been the case for years now. The UN takes the side of the Houthi militia openly and stubbornly without any sense of shame


The western media's bias

This Houthi militia's continuous and various horrific atrocities have been largely ignored  by the western media outlets covering Yemen over the past years.

Over the past month alone, the militia killed and injured civilians including very young girls in rocket shelling on downtown Taiz and Marib, the government-held cities in the west and east respectively. The local Yemeni media also reported despicable abuses by the militia committed against detainees in Taiz, particularly the use of electric shocks and grilling as torture methods. One example abuse case that went viral on social media was of a man having Houthi cuffs fastened too tight around his legs that over the years his leg flesh ruptured and the rusty cuffs sort of merged with his leg wound.

For some reason these and other Houthi abuses often garnered no mentioning in the US and European news websites.

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