Houthi sniper guns down 12 year old girl in Taiz

Houthi sniper guns down 12 year old girl in Taiz


A Houthi sniper killed a 12 year old girl in Yemen's third largest city of Taiz on Wednesday, local sources said.

The militant gunned down Heleen Mohammed near her house in Ghorab region in the southwestern Yemen city besieged since early 2015 by the Shia terrorist theocrats who seized the capital Sana'a in September 2014 and triggered a devastating war.

Over the past six years, Houthi snipers have killed and injured hundreds of civilians, many of them young girls, as noticed by Al-Sahwa. The terrorists continuously kill the city's civilians by, in addition to sniping, rocket shelling and landmines.

The United Nations organization and the western media covering Yemen have surprisingly been turning a totally blind eye to years of horrendous crimes by the Shia theocrats.  

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