Saudi Arabia renews support to Yemen’s security

Saudi Arabia renews support to Yemen’s security

Alsahwa Net- Saudi Arabia renewed on Tuesday its support for Yemen’s security and stability amid an attempt of terror attack targeted a Saudi oil tanker in the Arabian Sea.

This was pronounced by the Saudi cabinet meeting which deplored the attack attempt against the Saudi oil tanker.

It said that such acts threaten the world energy security and the maritime navigation routes.

It called on international partners to unify efforts to neutralize such threats that target the international security.

The Saudi-state run Press Agency (SPA) reported that the cabinet has also discussed outcomes of the Arab foreign ministers meeting during the 153rd session of the Arab League Council that affirmed Saudi support to Yemen’s security and stability.

It said that Saudi Arabia supports a political solution-based on the national dialogue conference document, the gulf power transfer plan and the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2216 to resolve the conflict in Yemen.

Media outlets quoted spokesman of the Saudi-led Coalition, Turki Al-Malki that its joint forces foiled last Wednesday a “terrorist attack” on an oil tanker, off Yemen’s coast on the Arabian Sea.

Four boats attempted to explode the tanker while it was sailing southeast Nashtun port in Al-Mahra of Yemen towards Aden port, Al-Malki said.

However, Al-Malki blamed no party for the attack attempt.

The Iran-backed Houthis militia who fights against the Yemeni government -backed by the Saudi-led coalition recognized in 2017 and 2018 attacks that targeted oil tankers and commercial ships in the Red Sea using waterborne improvised explosive devices, according to the UN reports.

In the same respect, Saudi Arabia renewed denounce of Iran’s blatant interference in home affairs of Arab countries by supporting armed militias that promote sectarian and destruction in the region.

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