Military forces totally control Mocha Port

Military forces totally control Mocha Port

The Yemeni army on Tuesday took over Mocha port, in the west of Taiz city, military sources told Alsahwah net 

The sources affirmed that the army backed by the Arab Coalition's air fighters combed the last strongholds of the Houthis in Mocha port and the Coastal Sector Camp.

They stressed that the Houthis massively escaped towards the governorate of al-Hudediah, expecting that Mocha will be declared, in the few coming hours, as a liberated town.

The sources said that the Yemeni army called the residents of Mocha to stay inside their homes until all parts of the town are liberated.

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh received painful blows in the western coast of Yemen and hundreds of their fighters were killed, wounded and captured.

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