Yemeni Ambassador: US has a new approach to solve Yemen's crisis

Yemeni Ambassador: US has a new approach to solve Yemen's crisis

The Yemeni Ambassador to the United States Mohammed Awadh Bin Mubarak has revealed that the current US administration has a new approach to solve the Yemeni crisis and deal with Iran's proxies in the region.

In an interview with Aljazeera TV, he pointed out that the new US administration adopts a new policy towards, asserting that it is totally different from the former administration's policy

He also said the current US administration will be firm towards Iran's behaviors, emphasizing that its will be well-founded.

He said that Obama's administration turned a blind eye to the concept of exporting the Iranian revolution and its threats against neighboring countries, indicating that it did not deal firmly with Iran

Bin Mubarak further disclosed that there is a steady partnership between GCC states and the new administration, pointing out that this partnership aims to secure and stabilize the GCC states.

He also cited that there is a significant US-Yemeni cooperation in the field of fighting terrorism.

Bin Mubarak also said that the Yemeni government provided some notices to the US administration regarding the recent attack in al-Bayda.

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