Shabwa authority releases 43 prisoners to prevent Corona spread

Shabwa authority releases 43 prisoners to prevent Corona spread

Alsahwa Net- Within local preventive measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, the Public Prosecution in Shabwa on Sunday set 43 prisoners free on bail.

This followed an instruction made by the governor of Shabwa on formation of a local commission to examine status of prisoners in the governorate and take proper measure to prevent the spread of the infection.

In consultation with the prosecution, the commission approved on Saturday a release on bail of inmates who finished two thirds of the penalty period.

The commission said that inmates who were imprisoned on issues that pose a threat to the public security will not be included for the release.

Local sources said that the commission continues examining files of other prisoners in prisons of Shabwa districts to set free any inmate whose status complies to standards set the commission and the prosecution. 

The local authority of Shabwa has already banned social gatherings to control the spread of the COVID-19.

The authority closed dining places and allowed them to sell only delivery foods to reduce gatherings.

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