Houthis militia force Yemenis to donate for warfronts

Houthis militia force Yemenis to donate for warfronts

Alsahwa Net- Following a long speech by the Houthis’ leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi who called for more donation to his militia The Houthis officials moved immediately collecting money and non-cash items from the public in their held-governorates.

Local and tribal sources quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper said that the Houthis Mushrefs [officials] and local affiliated leaders held a meeting with community leaders in villages and districts and forced them to collect donations for the military effort.

They threatened conscription on children of anyone who refuses the donation collection.

A citizen from Mahwit who requested anonymity for security reasons said that the Houthis mushref in his Al-Khabt district forced him to donate 100 Kg of honey when the latter told the Houthis official that he has no cash to donate.

The citizens often go submissive to the Houthis’ orders in fear of intimidation, according to one tribal leader who asked not to publish his name in fear of the Houthis.

“They [the public] are forced to donate to the Houthis to save lives of their children from going to the warfronts” the tribal leader said.

He explained that large number of poor households live in his area and that they are in dire need to support, but the Houthis do not care about the humanitarian situation.

“The Houthis care only about money collection and humiliation of the people using the pretext of defending the homeland according to the Houthis’ narrative,” the tribal leader said.

The paper said the Houthis forced this month every village in parts of Ibb to prepare 15 teenagers to join the Houthis’ military recruitment camps or that each household pays YR100,000 ($166) that refuses one of their children join the Houthis’ forces.

While the Houthis scale up efforts on donation collection for the warfronts, they take no action to support millions of people in need for food aids and have nothing to eat, sources in Sana’a said.

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