Journalist brutally tortured in Taiz

Journalist brutally tortured in Taiz

Militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah are brutally torturing the journalist Tayseer al-Sama'e inside one of their custodies in the governorate of Taiz, relatives of al-Sama'e told Alsahwah Net.

They said that the militias prevented his family from visiting him or providing any food or other supplies to him.

Al-Sama'e was arrested last January from the area of al-Dimnah in the east of Taiz.

Meanwhile, militias of the Houthis and Saleh have been seizing 16 journalists for more than a year and a half, and brutally tormenting them.

They have closed down all opposition media outlets and pursued journalists, activists, politicians and others since they took over the capital Sana'a and other cities

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