Yemen: The attack on this hospital is not newsworthy for western media

Yemen: The attack on this hospital is not newsworthy for western media

Alsahwa Net- In the daily events of the war in Yemen, violations against civilians and attacks of sensitive nature do not go unnoticed thanks to the follow-up of the western media. But only as long these violations occur in the Houthi-held side of the frontline or Houthis themselves issue the violation claims.   

When the Houthis alleged that an Arab Coalition killed 30 civilian people around the wreckage of a downed Saudi warplane in the desert of Aljawf at one midnight last March, many western media outlets made a sensational story of it. When the Shia militants also claimed - last month - that an Arab Coalition strike killed 70 horses in Sana'a, many US and British news websites dealt with the story too.

Today, the government is claiming that Houthis shelled a hospital it runs in the eastern province of Marib killing four civilians and injuring three others. But western news websites won't write about that for sure.

Having pro-Houthi bias in their DNA, the outlets are staying reserved on this and several other Houthi atrocities as they unfold and are waiting for only a Coalition caused "massacre" told in a Houthi narrative so to write a report about it. 

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