Released abductee died of torture in Houthis-run prison

Released abductee died of torture in Houthis-run prison

Alsahwa Net-Mansour Ali Yahya Al-Quhali, a released abductee from Amran, died on Sunday because of torture he had while in detention by the Houthis militants.

Al-Quhali who came from Ayal Suraih district of Amran, was released 13 days ago from the Houthis-run prison, his family said.

The family confirmed that their relative was brutally tortured by the Houthis militants while in detention.

The victim was abducted several months ago on Dhamar road while traveling to Marib.

He was violently beaten when arrested where his leg and one of his hands were fractured when taken to Dhamar Prison.

His family said that the Houthis militants placed him in a cell which was full of mentally disordered people for two months.

This led to deterioration of his physical and psychological health, the family said.

Then, he was transferred to the Houthis-run prison in Amran.

While in detention, Al-Quhali was exposed to various forms of psychological and physical torture in the Houthis-run prisons.

When was released, he was in a critical condition and continued suffering until he passed away on Sunday 3 May 2020.

Over 150 abductees died in the Houthis-run prisons following brutal torture forms, according to human rights reports.

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