NGO: Houthis throw COVID-19 cases in prisons

NGO: Houthis throw COVID-19 cases in prisons


Alsahwa Net-The Yemeni Media Professionals Organization, a local NGO that advocates for rights of the media workers in Yemen, said on Tuesday that it has obtained information that the Houthis threw some COVID-19 cases into prisons.

Some of the imprisoned COVID-19 cases were thrown in a prison where the detained journalists are being detained, according to the organization.

It condemned the Houthis’ action which threatens citizens’ health and the detained journalists’ safety.

It said that the detained journalists’ health is at a greater risk because of such irresponsible practices.

It held the Houthis accountability to life and safety of the abducted journalists. 

It called on foreign correspondents to expose the truth about the situation in Sana’a and to uncover the Houthis’ concealment of the COVID-19 cases.

Local and international human rights organizations have been calling since last March for release of the political detainees and detained journalists to save their lives against the spread of COVID-19. 

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