Coalition: Houthis commit 80 new violations to the ceasefire

Coalition: Houthis commit 80 new violations to the ceasefire

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi-led coalition which supports the legitimate government in Yemen, said on Thursday that the Houthis committed 80 violations during the past 24 hours against the ceasefire declared by the coalition.

This increases total violations by the Houthis to 2,572 since the coalition announced unilateral ceasefire on 9 April 2020.

This happens amid repeated international calls by the UN Secretary General for a ceasefire in Yemen to enable collective response to counter the spread of the COVID-19.

The coalition said in a statement that violations by the Houthis included hostile military acts using heavy and light weapons and ballistic missiles.

It added that its joint forces exercise maximum levels of self-restraint to rules of confrontations with preservation of the right for self-defense.

It affirmed the coalition’s commitment to the ceasefire and support to efforts of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen to reach a political solution to end sufferings of Yemenis.

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