Man-made evil, not natural disasters, break nations

Man-made evil, not natural disasters, break nations



By Sarah Hassan

Natural disasters are able to do no harm worth mentioning if we compare them to man's intentional evil. Yemen is a striking example


As all Yemenis- in a transitional process - pursued a rosy dream of a democratic prosperous state in 2013 certain countries were pouring funds and others arms to expedite the Houthi march toward Sana'a to sabotage the national aspiration.


When the 2015 war was launched to roll back the Houthis, there were evil hands working to abort the war, save the Houthis and keep the country in this limbo state it witnesses now.

Of late, the Southern Transitional Council has been declaring coup and backing off and re-declaring self-rule and backing off again. Of course all the back-offs are lip service since the separatist organization is in control of Aden militarily and are not ready to concede an inch back to the government. Despite the several deals made to undo the coup, they have not allowed the government to regain control of anything since the first coup they mounted in January 2018.

To this date, the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra, 60 miles from the Horn of Africa is in tumoil. With a demonic energy like that of its financiers, the STC armed units there continue a hit-and-retreat tactic against the army outposts there in an apparent attempt to keep the island in a permanent turmoil and restlessness

In the disguise of worry about the war's casualty toll, several international media and other organizations and officials kept along the way pressuring for the unfinished war to be stopped and Yemen to be frozen in its present status: a government and internal refugees exist in the country's middle sandwiched between extremist militias in the north and the south.

The Yemenis under the rule of the militias are suffering and the Yemenis in the government-held middle are suffering too.

The war is most likely to continue for ever, as the division of the country. The nearly 3.7 million internally displaced are most likely to spend the rest of their lives displaced.

And the UN, in a robotic way, is likely to continue to "denounce" the STC's declaration of self-rule and "welcome" the back-off from it and denounce the thing and welcome the back-off from that thing. As a nation gets lost before the eyes of the world.

Can anyone tell me what can coronavirus or floods do worse?

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