Yemen News round-up

Yemen News round-up

- A man by the name Abdullah Taher Al-Sharaabi died on Sunday after years of detention and torture in Al-Saleh jail in the Houthi-held held part of Taiz. Like hundreds of peaceful oppositionists, Al-Sharaabi has been in the jail run by the Shia terrorist theocratic organization of Houthis since 2015. Dozens of inmates including journalists routinely lose their lives, mind or motor skills as a result of lengthy torture in Houthi jails. 

- A new woman was killed by Houthis in central Yemen on Saturday evening, further fueling a tribal uprising against the Shia theocratic terrorists who had killed a fellow clanswoman on May 4. A terrorist cell fired mortar rounds on the house of Abdul-Aziz al-Khobrani in Qaniya district in the central Yemen province of Beidha killing al-Khobrani's wife. This comes at a time when Beidha tribesmen are mobilizing fighters to prepare for revenge against the Houthi killing of Gehad Al-Asbahi a woman who resisted with a personal firearm a 30-gunman-strong campaign to storm her house and kidnap her father-in-law.
According to local Yemeni tribal codes, killing women or other vulnerable persons is very cowardly act and requires a massive response.

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