Infested Yemen: Shia extremists leave cities for dead, maintain perennial war against others

Infested Yemen: Shia extremists leave cities for dead, maintain perennial war against others



As coronavirus is hitting hard in Yemen, the Shia extremist Houthis ruling large swaths of northwestern Yemen are leaving some infested cities for dead while maintaining perennial military attempts to wrest control of the oppositionist others.

Despite levying prohibitive taxes estimated in the millions of dollars from the various public institutions which they control all including the public telecommunications, the theocratic organization novel coronavirus are standing by as the coronavirus is infecting and killing increasing number of people in Sana'a.

The repressive organization also keeps the world in the dark about the plague and never speaks or allows any person in Sana'a to speak about infection figures. People are even reportedly forced to bury their dead relatives after dark or in an otherwise secret way.

Popular Yemeni doctors like Marwan al-Ghafouri who dares to speak because he is living in Germany estimated the infection figures on his facebook page by the "hundreds."  

While leaving Sana'a for dead, Houthis are also maintaining perennial military attempts to invade Taiz, a densely populated and recently coronavirus-infested city, they have besieged for six years to the point of wrecking its health system.

On Wednesday military sources repelled a fierce Houthi attack from the city's west in attempt by the militia to block the city's last conduit and route of commercial and humanitarian goods – connecting Taiz with the south of Yemen.

On the same day the militants launched a ballistic missile that killed eight people in Marib another government-held city reporting its first cases of the virus and undergoing a shutdown as a result.





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