STC rebels torture photojournalist in Lahj

STC rebels torture photojournalist in Lahj

Alsahwa Net- Gunmen of the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) released on Friday Assel Swaid, a photojournalist following one-month detention and torture at one of their military camps in Lahj governorate.

Swaid’s brother said that forces of the 5th Supporting Brigade of the STC released his brother with several marks of brutal torture on his body.

He added that the STC militants handed his brother to the family in Alwahet city of Lahj following extensive follow-up with the STC leaders.

Presently, the photojournalist’s health is in critical condition due to severe injuries he sustained from the torture in custody.

Media activists expressed their fury on social media towards such immoral acts.

Swaid was forcibly disappeared on 1st May while on travel from Taiz to Aden.

The STC has been responsible for hundreds of arbitrary arrests and forcible disappearances against citizens in Aden, Lahj, Al-Dhala’ and Abyan.

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