Released detainee died of torture in Dhamar

Released detainee died of torture in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- Mohamed Al-Ezzi, a newly released detainee died on Sunday in Dhamar following few days of his release from the Houthis-run prison.

Local sources said that Al-Ezzi died of torture inflicted on him while in detention.

The victim was in detention along with four of his sons who were forcibly disappeared following their arrest on 15 April 2019.

Al-Ezzi went popular in 2015 when his son who used to be a journalist was killed by the Saudi-led aerial  bombing after being  taken with others as human shields by the Houthis in a military site of Dhamar. 

The father's health deteriorated while  in confinement following denial by the Houthis to disclose location of his four forcibly disappeared children.




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