Gov’t addresses the UN on Houthis’ discriminatory act

Gov’t addresses the UN on Houthis’ discriminatory act

Alsahwa net- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami sent a letter on Wednesday to the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths on the Houthis’ application of a new discriminatory act.

Known as Al-Khumus, the act allows the Houthis to collect 20 percent of the public resources and individuals’ incomes for families alleged to be Hashemite descendants.

Al-Hadhrami demanded the UN and the international community to take a serious stance towards the Houthis’ attempts for changing the values of equality in Yemen.

Yemenis suffered greatly in the past centuries from inequality practiced by racist regimes that granted privileges to certain social groups and divided citizens into several social classes.

Al-Hadhrami said that the UN charters had supported the struggle of the Yemeni people for eliminating discrimination and racism.

However, the Houthis’ recent act reflects their reintroduction of racism and discrimination.

He said that even the act is illegal as it was issued by unauthorized body, it indicates that the Houthis have no intentions for peace.

He explained that the recent bigoted act represents a sign of constant infringement of citizens’ rights by the Houthis in areas of their control.

He said that Yemen’s national laws and the international laws criminalize the issuance of such racist acts.

He added that the act encourages one segment of the Yemeni people to continue their fighting against the government for making money and taking over the state resources particularly the oil and gas.

Al-Hadhrami said that this will mount military escalation in various parts of the country especially in oil resources-area such as Marib and Al-Jawf.

He affirmed that the Houthis’ act is based on racial superiority and that it incites racial discrimination, which is deemed a crime, in line to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Ironically, Yemen is a state party to the convention on the elimination of all  forms of racial discrimination, according to Al-Hadhrami.

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