Houthis launch forcible recruitment among teachers

Houthis launch forcible recruitment among teachers

Alsahwa Net-Spokesman of the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate, Yahya Al-Yanaee, said on Saturday that the Houthis began a new compulsory military recruitment among teachers.

Al-Yanaee said that the Houthis seek for sending thousands of the teachers to the warfronts.

The Houthis’ Minister of Education, Yahya Al-Houthi, a brother to the Houthis’ leader, has recently instructed officers of education centers to mobilize the education personnel to the fighting fronts, according to Al-Yanaee.

He said that the syndicate has received complaints and reports on the obligation of the education officers and principals to participate in the mobilization of teachers to join the fighting for the Houthis’ side.

Scores of the education officers have been already killed as a result of a previous mobilization inciting teachers to join the fighting.

Al-Yanaee held the Houthis accountability to safety of the education professionals and called for respect to the civil nature of schools and the education workers.

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